A veteran’s heart

Andi Schoenbaum, 2019

Oil on canvas


Commission oil painting of perspective of American flag blowing in the wind for Mark Dominguez at Rahnama Law in Oxnard.

Mark is an Army Veteran, who joined the military at the age of 18. He was stationed in the Dominican Republic as reconnaissance infantry and served 17 months in Vietnam.  His experiences there deeply cultivated his passion for patriotism and service. It also carved deep wounds with the loss of close friends to wartime casualties.  He went on to serve 26 years in the Ventura County police force, most notably as an undercover narcotics officer. He enjoys fly fishing, sunsets at Rincon and live performances. This painting is to commemorate his life of duty.

Repurposed Space

Recently, I went to a class held by my friend Cola Smith at The Art Parlor in North Hollywood. The clas was originally titled “Inspirational Painting,” but she changed it to “Intuitive Painting” midway through the session.

It’s about getting everything in your mind out on a paintable surface, working through various materials and layers to completion. It’s what another friend and I used to affectionately call crap art, a dumping of the mind and an exercise for the soul. Here’s what we did together:

In my own world I have been at the height of frustration, struggling to connect to my realistic work, struggling to find artists 60 miles North of LA to connect with, struggling to learn and grow through my work without the synergy of being enveloped in a vibrant art community. I’m spitting nails.

I decided to make a change and emptied my craft closet of everything that was physically between me & my supplies. Most of it was trash.

Once it was clear, I made myself a space inside to sit and make things that are not subject to judgement unless I remove the from the space and make them so. The space is in the walk-in closet in my studio/office, so I’m not impeding my fine art with what could be crap as it releases itself from my body and through my hands. I don’t have to change my identity from oil painter to mixed media artist. I can simply do whatever the f*k I want.

Coming Up: Arts & Crafts Classes

Interested in Arts & Crafts Classes?  We are gearing up to offer acrylic painting, watercolor, henna, face painting, coloring & craft parties in Ventura & Valley Village.  If you would like to join us, please subscribe to our mailing list for updates.

Arts & Crafts Parties

Acrylic Painting Class for All Ages

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Simi Valley Fridays: Come See Us!

Starting tomorrow, Friday, August 25 we will have a periodic booth at Simi Valley Farmers’ Market! 11:00am – 3:30pm at Civic Center Plaza, 2757 Tapo Canyon Rd., next to TGI Friday’s.

Visit us for Face Painting, Nectarines Greetings Coloring Books & Greeting Cards.  Henna parties may be scheduled, however henna will not typically be offered at the Farmers’ Market.  See you some Fridays!