Andi Schoenbaum


Andi Schoenbaum is a visual artist who paints primarily in oils.  Her love is abstract oil painting.  She also works in other mediums including henna, ink, charcoal and acrylic.  Her talent was discovered at age 2 when she painted her first plaster craft figurine.  As a native of Los Angeles, she developed her talent by taking art classes from her youth through college and following the Los Angeles art scene.  Her work is held in private collections throughout California and Washington State.  She is a member of the Los Angeles Art Association and she is on the Board of Directors for Art Without Limits in Santa Barbara. Andi currently resides in Ventura with her Blue and Gold Macaw, Clairice.

SPECIAL THANKS: Sydney Littenberg, LuAnn Casillas, John Zarcone, Patricia Correia, Richard Godfrey, Israel Martinez, Nobu Haihara, Crista Cloutier, Merritt Zalon