Andi Schoenbaum


My work in abstract painting communicates pain and triumph, passionate upheaval and joyous compromise.  I have been compared to Francis Bacon for my use of lines and the emotionally charged nature of my art that often includes a portal in the paint.  I address the subjects of trauma, conflict and alienation by painting with movement and changing the composition of the paint to release unexpected nuances.  The colors often begin in high contrast conflicts and resolve into fluid working translations that describe the experience.

The triumph and joyous compromise comes in the finished painting.  It draws itself out, taking on a life of its own and offering a reason for the pain.

I work in oil because I prefer its viscosity.  It can be whipped into thick lusters or diluted into a consistency that parallels blood or water.  It can be applied generously, massaged, troweled, blended, scraped, blotted or thrown.


Born in Santa Monica, California on April 8, 1976, Andi Schoenbaum is an emerging artist whose work interchangeably alludes to passionate upheaval and joyous compromise. Largely self-taught, her talent as a painter was recognized as a child.  Throughout an academic career driven by business, she managed to study under many Los Angeles artists including Victor Hugo Zayas.  At 35, she turned down an acceptance to Otis College of Art and Design.  As an accountant and bookkeeper, she earned such clients as celebrated muralist Judith Baca.  While her work at a Santa Monica gallery as a fine art printer gave her intimate exposure to Los Angeles icons such as Llyn Foulkes. During her time at the gallery, she received training in digital fine art printing from Mac Holbert of Nash Editions.  Andi’s lifetime inspiration comes from Stephen V. Correia, founder of Correia Art Glass and friend of her father.

Andi’s work is held in the collection at Chinatown Heritage and Visitors Center in Los Angeles, as well as in private collections throughout California and Washington State.  She is working on a body of work for exhibition. She resides in Ventura, California.

SPECIAL THANKS: Sydney Littenberg, LuAnn Casillas, John Zarcone, Patricia Correia, Richard Godfrey, Israel Martinez, Nobu Haihara, Crista Cloutier, Merritt Zalon



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